Sustainable Design & Renovation

Whether we are building a new house or buying an existing home to renovate for greater comfort and enjoyment, our homes are likely the most expensive and longest-term investments we will ever make, hopefully made to last beyond our own lives and benefit several generations. So it makes sense to use our creativity to focus on quality, health and comfort rather than allowing size and trendiness to take over. Without question, building sustainability and upgrading to higher energy standards ultimately saves money and enhances comfort as well as benefiting our communities and our environment.

Good design is all about making a new home or renovation beautiful and functional for your family’s needs. But in order to make your home as sustainable and adaptable as possible for the long term, at RiverSong Design we look to the following design priorities as well:

  • creative design of spaces to optimize building size and resources
  • planning accessibility and long-term adaptability into your home
  • site design for solar benefits and natural ventilation
  • excellent thermal performance and weather protection in the building envelope
  • energy conservation and renewable energy systems
  • and use of healthy and sustainably-sourced materials wherever possible.

In a constructive collaboration between homeowners, designers and builders, it is possible to create functional, affordable, durable and sustainable solutions that will bring spirit, beauty, health and well-being to our homes.

Renovation to ranch-style bungalow including oak timber frame living room/master suite addition and porches, Iroquois ON.