Timber Frame Design

“A timber frame home is a thing of great beauty and soul, of efficiency, adaptability and integrity, bringing together the best of a thousand years of craft and heritage with the cutting edge of modern building science. In a timber-frame home, the structure is the decoration, the natural warmth of massive wooden timbers joined with finely crafted pegged mortise-and-tenon connections.”


Designing with Riversong

“Undertaking a new house design is both daunting and exciting because, out of an overwhelming abundance of possibilities, there must emerge one home, delightful and functional for its owners and appropriate to its place on the earth.

The designer must be a listener and a learner, a facilitator, a creator and a problem solver, working in dialogue with the homeowners and their builders to identify, refine and bring to life the image and reality of home.”

Michael Neelin
President and Designer
RiverSong Design

Sustainable Design and Renovation

“Whether we are building a new house or buying an existing home to renovate for greater comfort and enjoyment, our homes are likely the most expensive and longest-term investments we will ever make, hopefully made to last beyond our own lives and benefit several generations. So it makes sense to use our creativity to focus on quality, health and comfort rather than allowing size and trendiness to take over.”